The Smarter Trailer Suspension

Watch the video to see Humpback Trailer Suspension at work

Designed and made tough in Australia for Aussie conditions. New suspension in about an hour for the home handyman. Low maintenance – only 4 moving parts. Guaranteed to last at least twice as long as conventional trailer suspension.

Added Benefits

Toughest and Best Value on
the Market

Built and designed in Australia to suit Australian conditions, it is the toughest trailer suspension currently available on the market. This beefed up suspension uses 100 x 13 mm spring steel bar, steel bushes and is suitable for 40, 45 or 50mm axles. Super easy to fit, so that a home handyman can take on the task making it a inexpensive option for trailer upgrades.

Humpback trailer suspension is suitable for a range of new trailers and retro fits including: boat trailers, yacht trailers, bobcats and forklift trailers, caravans and horse floats. You can use it for low ride or off-road and easily convert it to a tilt or tipping tray. The load sharing capabilities and the swing and travel that we get out of this suspension far exceeds anything else that is out there.

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